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Every year, something magical happens at Northside School of Dance - our annual concert! It's the grand finale of our dance journey, where all NSD students are invited to take the stage and shine bright.

Our concert is not just a performance, it's a celebration of all the hard work and progress we've made throughout the year. Every step, every leap, and every twirl is a testament to the dedication and growth of our amazing dancers.

The excitement is contagious as our students eagerly prepare for the concert. It's a chance to showcase their talents, express their unique artistry, and create memories that will last a lifetime. And let's not forget - it's also an opportunity to show off to our friends and loved ones!

At the concert, our Northside community comes together in a beautiful display of support and encouragement. It's a true celebration of our dance family, where we cheer each other on, celebrate achievements, and revel in the joy of dance.

Join us at Northside School of Dance and experience the magic of our annual concert. It's so much more than just a show - it's a moment of pride, growth, and a celebration of the incredible journey we've taken together. Let's dance, celebrate, and create unforgettable memories on that spotlight stage!


Concert Tickets on Sale
Date: Sunday, November 3

Photo Day

Date: Saturday, November 9
Location: Northside Dance Studios

Dress Rehearsal
Date: Saturday, November 16
Time: TBC
Location: Northside Dance Studios

Date: Sunday, November 24
Location: Nudgee College
Time: TBC


Students have the opportunity to join the performance group from age 7. Students get to perform in eisteddfods, fetes and the Comdance convention each year along with extra items in the NSD concert.
Performance group teaches students to work as a team, dedication and commitment while having a lot of fun as a group. Students who commit to performance group improve their technique, performance skills and gain skills well above their age levels. We compete across all genres of dance.
NSD performance group attracts a small extra class cost along with costumes and eisteddfod commitments. The group is an amazing opportunity for students to gain new skills and work together as a team.


Northside School of Dance offers examinations in Jazz & Tap (Comdance) and Classical Ballet (R.A.D.).  

NSD aims to grow our students love of dance. All children can benefit from learning the skills a dancer uses.  These are skills such as confidence, public performance, time management, commitment and success in achievement.  Examinations are a way to promote these qualities and give children a sense of achievement within their style of dance. 

Exams are conducted in 3 sessions per year.  May and October for Jazz & Tap exams and July-August for Classical Ballet exams.  Students will usually be offered one exam per subject per year depending on their age and level of examination.

Both examination codes studied at the NSD are highly regarded examinations world wide.

Contact Us

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170 Bonney Ave
Clayfield 4011

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0474 919 582
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DATES 2024


29 Jan - 28 Mar

15 April - 22 June

8 July - 14 Sept

30 Sept - 23 Nov

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