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Tiny Dancers

Ages 2 - 4

At Northside School of Dance, our Tiny Ballerinas class creates a fun and safe environment for young dancers to learn, grow, and fall in love with dance. Led by experienced instructors, we focus on developing fine motor skills, balance, musicality, and movement. Our warm and supportive community fosters personal growth and friendships. As a highly qualified dance studio, we're dedicated to providing quality education. Join us and watch your little one's passion for dance come alive!

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Prep Dancers

Prep Age at School

At Northside School of Dance, we believe that every child deserves a magical and inspiring first year of school. We understand how important it is to create a balance between fun and motivation for our wonderful young dancers. That's why we offer a variety of classes, including ballet, tap, and jazz, to fuel their passion for dance.

Our big little kids can choose between ballet, acro and/or tap and jazz classes, giving them the opportunity to explore different styles and find their own rhythm. And here's the exciting part - at this level, our students have the chance to sit exams that are not only fun and encouraging, but also give them a sense of achievement from their dance lessons.

We strive to foster a nurturing environment where every child feels supported and empowered to grow, both as dancers and as individuals. Our experienced teachers are dedicated to providing the highest quality dance education, ensuring that your child receives the best training possible.

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Classical Ballet

Ages 6 & over

At Northside School of Dance, we offer the prestigious RAD Classical Ballet Syllabus, graded for all ages and skill levels. Our affiliation with the Royal Academy of Dance, the world's leading organization in classical ballet education, ensures excellence in every class. Students develop at their own pace in this disciplined art form, with the option to undertake exams. To support exam preparation, a minimum of two classes per week is recommended. Additionally, our major level students enjoy a separate pointe/technique class. Join our supportive dance community and discover the joy of ballet at Northside School of Dance.

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Ages 6 & over

Have a passion for dance? Jazz will make you leap, jump, and turn with pure joy! Our jazz classes at Northside School of Dance are current and up to date with the latest dance moves and music videos. You can choose to take our fun jazz classes or explore the Comdance Modern Jazz Syllabus, or even do both! For those who choose the Comdance work, we encourage you to sit exams each year to showcase your progress. Join our warm and inviting dance community, where every step is filled with joy and personal growth
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Ages 3 & over

Are you ready to flip, tumble, and discover the thrilling world of acro? Then look no further, because acrobatics is the perfect class for you! At Northside School of Dance.

In our acrobatics classes, students of all ages have the opportunity to explore tumbling, partner work, group work, and even dazzling solo tricks. Our experienced teachers are there every step of the way, guiding you through safe and effective progressions that will help you develop your skills and achieve your personal best.

Safety is our top priority, and all of our acrobatics classes are conducted with the utmost care and attention to safe dance practices. We provide acrobatics mats to ensure a secure training environment, allowing you to focus on your technique and enjoy the excitement of each class.

We take pride in our qualification in the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, which sets the standard for excellence in acro education. Acrobatic Arts is renowned for its emphasis on technique, progression, and artistry, with proven results in the five essential divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering, and Tumbling. With our qualified teachers by your side, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality dance education.

So, whether you're a beginner eager to take your first flip or an experienced acrobat looking to further refine your skills, Northside School of Dance is the place for you.
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Ages 6 & over

Are you ready to unlock your inner artist and express yourself through the beautiful language of contemporary dance? At Northside School of Dance, we believe that contemporary is the perfect blend of jazz, ballet, and expressive body focus, allowing you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and creative exploration.

Contemporary dance encourages you to let go of inhibitions and embrace the freedom of fluid movements. It's a dance style that invites you to try new things, express your emotions, and showcase your unique style through every graceful step.

Our passionate and qualified teachers will guide you on this transformative dance adventure, nurturing your individuality and helping you find your authentic voice. We create a safe and supportive environment where you can explore and unleash your creativity, surrounded by a community of fellow dancers who share your passion.

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Ages 5 & over

We proudly offer tap dance classes following the esteemed Comdance Syllabus. This carefully structured syllabus is designed to nurture and develop our students at their own pace, ensuring a strong foundation in every step of their tap dance journey.

At Northside, we believe in the power of progression and the importance of taking each step with care and precision. Our passionate and qualified teachers are dedicated to guiding our students through the Comdance Syllabus, ensuring that they not only learn the technical aspects of tap dance but also develop a deep understanding and appreciation for this vibrant dance style.

One of the many benefits of following the CSTD Syllabus is the option for students to sit their CSTD exams when they feel fully prepared. These exams are a wonderful opportunity for our dancers to showcase their skills, receive valuable feedback, and gain a sense of accomplishment. It's all about empowering our students and celebrating their growth

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Hip Hop

Ages 6 & over

Are you ready to unleash your inner dance superstar and groove to the latest styles? Look no further than our free styling, modern, and funky class at Northside School of Dance! If you've ever wanted to dance like the captivating performers in video clips, then this class is perfect for you. We offer this dynamic experience for both our Juniors and Seniors, ensuring that dancers of all ages can join in the fun and stay on top of the hottest dance trends.

In this class, you'll have the opportunity to learn and master the coolest moves in the dance world today. Our passionate and talented teachers will guide you through a variety of styles, helping you develop your own personal flair while keeping up with the latest dance crazes. From free styling to modern and funky routines, get ready to let loose, express yourself, and dance like never before.
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Musical Theatre

Ages 6 & over

Step into the spotlight and let your passion for the arts shine with our unique musical theatre class at Northside School of Dance. In this class, we believe in nurturing well-rounded performers who can sing, dance, and act their way through a variety of captivating musicals. It's the perfect opportunity to dive into the magic of Broadway and explore the incredible world of musical theatre!

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Ages 6 & over

Step into the rhythm with Boys Club Dance Class! This energetic class, exclusively for boys, offers a supportive environment to groove, move, and express themselves through hip-hop, breakdancing, and more. Led by experienced instructors, the class fosters camaraderie, building confidence and creativity. Whether a beginner or experienced dancer, Boys Club Dance Class is the perfect platform to have a blast on the dance floor while cultivating talent and forming lasting friendships. Join our vibrant community and dance like nobody's watching!


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