2021 Fees

Classes Per Week

Cost Per Month

Tiny Dancers $59.00
1 Class per week $69.00
2 Classes per week $138.00
3 Classes per week $195.00
4 Classes per week $245.00
5 Classes per week $290.00
6 Classes per week $330.00
Unlimited Dance $360.00

Other Charges


Enrolment Fee $35.00 per student per year
Performance Group $75 per month

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Annual Amounts are calculated over 1 year of tuition. These amounts are then divided by 11 months in the year for payment purposes. Packages are per student NOT per family. See Payment Conditions in our handbook for further information.Fees current as of 4/12/2020 and subject to change without notice.


  • Tuition is processed on the 1st of each month. Other payment frequencies are also available once auto-pay is confirmed.

  • There are NO REFUNDS in part or whole should you choose not to partake in the end of year concert and have made concert payments.

  • Upon enrolment, you will be prompted to complete your direct debit form via our parent portal prior to adding classes.

Northside School of Dance is committed to offer a 12 month dance program, with each genre specially formulated to compliment the school education calendar. However we do understand that circumstances may change from time to time.  

If you decide to discontinue your enrolment, 30 DAYS NOTICE is required in writing to
admin@northsidedance.com.au. The 30 day notice period begins on receipt of the cancellation request via email. The next direct debit within this 30 day term is payable. If you do not notify us in writing, your cancellation will not take effect and your automatic direct deposit will continue. NO REFUNDS will be offered if you fail to notify us IN WRITING of your withdrawal.    

Should you wish to make alterations to your enrolment, ONE MONTH NOTICE is required for all class reductions. Upon notifying our staff IN WRITING, your direct deposit amount will be lowered to the new class rate and take effect on the 1st of the subsequent month.

If enrolment is required to be paused due to injury, a holding fee for the period medically documented will be required.  This will equate to 50% of my total fees for that period.

If your payment is unsuccessful, a failed payment fee of $21.90 will be charged by ezidebit.  Your payment will be automatically rescheduled for 3 days after this failed payment.
If your subsequent payment is unsuccessful, an additional failed payment fee of $21.90 will be charged by ezidebit. You will then be notified by our administration team to rectify the circumstances.  If no communication is made, or the payment is not arranged, no further tuition will be offered and enrolment will be cancelled, effective immediately with no notification. 

***Fees current as of 4/12/2020 and subject to change without notice.

Contact Us

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Clayfield 4011

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DATES 2021


1 February - 1 April

19 April - 26 June

12 July - 18 September

5 October - 27 November

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