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Bel Williamson


CSTD Modern Jazz Diploma
BA Business (marketing/IT)
First aid Certificate
Blue Card

The Studio Principal, Belinda Williamson shares with students over 30 years of dance experience.  Belinda has danced since the age of 3, where she studied Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. She has completed exams in all genres with outstanding results.  Through her dancing years Belinda has performed at Eisteddfods, performed at various public performances, attended dance workshops around Australia and overseas and studied the theory and safety of dance. 
Belinda holds her CSTD Modern Jazz Teachers diploma and is a full member of the CSTD.  She is always kept up to date with the dance industry news and the current trends while being able to help enhance CSTD for the future. Belinda also holds a BA Business majoring in IT and marketing. In 2011 and 2012 Belinda travelled to New York to attend an intensive teacher workshop run by Broadway Dance Centre. Here she learnt from top choreographers and dancers including Wade Robson, Rob Hoffman, Gil Duldulao, Laurianne Gibson and Desmond Richardson. This fully accredited and certified course gave Belinda an array of knowledge across all dance genres and fresh choreography and techniques to bring back to NSD students. 

Having grown up in Clayfield and attended Clayfield College, Belinda is very in tune with the needs and demands of children within the area. At Northside School of Dance, Belinda provides students of all ages with a fun and nurturing environment to learn the discipline of dance. Her aim is to pass on her passion, energy and enthusiasm for dance to her students and instill in them the necessary foundations and techniques for this timeless art form.

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Marc Clayton


CSTD Modern Jazz Diploma
Progressing Ballet Technique Accredited
Perfect Form Phsiotherapy Training
First aid Certificate
Blue Card
As the senior teacher at Northside School of Dance, Marc brings over 25 years of dance experience, along with an impressive performance background.   Marc’s performance resume includes; Qld Ballet, Australian Ballet, Ballet Theatre Qld, Disneyland, Universal Studios along with various eisteddfods and public performances around Australia.  Marc currently holds his CSTD Modern Jazz Teachers Diploma,  is a fully qualified personal trainer and has also completed exams in the RAD and CSTD dance syllabus with excellent results.  Marc constantly attends workshops and classes to stay up to date with current trends and the latest styles.  He has a love of hip hop and musical theatre which keeps him returning to New York regularly for inspiration. Marc is also a certified Progressing Ballet Technique teacher.

With his extensive performance and educational background, Marc provides NSD students with high quality dance education.  He brings an energetic and fresh approach to all classes and is eager to help students perfect their skills across all dance styles.

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Candice Conway

RAD Ballet

CSTD Diploma: Classical, Theatrical & Tap
Blue Card
Candice commenced dancing almost 30 years ago in Brisbane. She has completed exams in RAD Classical Ballet (Advanced 2) and CSTD Tap (Advanced Gold Star), Jazz (Level 6) and Theatrical (Grade 1) at the Carolyn Gilby Dance Centre, where she also participates in eisteddfods and completed her teaching qualifications. In 2010 she participated in a trip to Los Angeles to perform at Disneyland and Universal Studios.  Candice currently holds her RAD Advanced 2 Certificate; RAD Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies; and her CSTD Classical, Theatrical and Tapping Diplomas.

Candice learnt to love ballet from her teacher and wishes to pass that love of ballet on to all students she teaches.

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Grace Barrett

CSTD Teaching Certificate Jazz
Elementary Ballet
First aid Certificate
Blue Card
Grace has been dancing since the age of 3. She has completed up to her Grade 9 CSTD Jazz and CSTD Elementary Exams with Honours. She is currently working towards her Teaching certificate this year. She has a big passion for dance and enjoys sharing her love with all students. Her favourite genre is contemporary as it allows her to express herself in a broad range of steps.
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Lily Macrossan

CSTD Teaching Certificate Jazz
First aid Certificate
Blue Card
Lily has an enthusiasm that is like to other. She engages with studtents and shares with them her love of all things dance. She has completed her Grade 9 Jazz Exam and is currently working towards her Teaching Certificate. Lily is very proud to be a member of the NSD family and supports everyone in the studio.
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Isabel Peters

Grade 9 CSTD Jazz
Advanced CSTD Classical
CSTD Teaching Certificate Ballet
Adv Gold Star CSTD Tap

First aid Certificate
Blue Card
Isabel first joined NSD in 2011. Throughout her years as an NSD student, Isabel has sat and passed a total of 20 CSTD exams, spanning Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz and Tap. In particular, last year Isabel completed her Advanced Gold Star Tap exam and attended the CSTD Tap workshop as a Teacher. She is currently working towards achieving her CSTD Tap and Classical Ballet Teacher’s Certificates. 
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Karen Le

CSTD Teaching Certificate Jazz
First aid Certificate
Blue Card

Info coming soon
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Adam Robins

ADPI Diploma of Commercial Dance & Musical Theatre
First aid Certificate
Blue Card

Adam grew up on the Sunshine Coast, QLD and started with a local dance school at the age of Seven. Since this time, Adam has always shown immense dedication in the performing arts industry which eventually saw him excel as a young aspiring performer.
After graduating high school in 2012, Adam undertook a tertiary education at the Australian Dance Performance Institute (ADPI). It was here that he was exposed to industry professionals who educated and motivated him towards achieving great success, as he graduated at the top end of his cohort for Musical Theatre and Commercial Dance. Upon completion of his studies in 2013, Adam immediately began to build his resume of professional work.
Having started his first professional contract with Princess Cruises at age 18, Adam has established and maintained a strong reputation with the company. Throughout his time with Princess Cruises, Adam received the honour of being trusted as a featured performer in a number of award winning shows, created by some of the world’s most renowned choreographers.
Between contracts, Adam dedicated his time to teaching, mentoring, choreographing, and performing. His undeniable passion and ability to share such valuable knowledge, resulted in Adam receiving many invitations to choreograph, lead workshops and foster developing talent for dance studios across Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions. .
After successfully completing five consecutive contracts with Princess Cruise Lines, Adam undertook a fifteen month contract with Tokyo Disney Resort where he performed in One Man’s Dream II: the Magic Lives On (OMDII). Tokyo Disneyland’s highly respected and long-running stage show  OMDII saw Adam perform up to five times a day, entertaining thousands of guests daily.  Adam was not only a dancer, but was ‘friends with’ famous characters including Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty), Prince Charming (Cinderella), Captain Hook (Peter Pan) and Claude Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame).
Adam Robins returned from Tokyo eager to create, educate and inspire. He’s excited to share his valuable skills, experiences and knowledge with aspiring performers of all ages and skill levels.

Guest Teachers

Ashlee Dawson - Broadway Dance Centre New York
Jim Cooney - Broadway Dance Centre New York
Claudia Dean - Claudia Dean Coaching
Katie Dickens


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